Luciditi Age Proof

The first official Digital Proof of Age Card for UK residents

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Energy Drink


At 18 you'll need an easy way to prove your age, especially if you look younger than 25

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Visiting Pubs and Bars


Buying Fireworks and sparklers


Purchasing Cigarettes, Tobacco, E-Cigarettes or Vapes (excl. Scotland)


Buying PEGI 18 Video Games


Playing the Lottery or buying Scratch cards


Entering Gaming or Gambling premises


Getting a Tattoo or using a Sunbed


Purchasing alcohol Physical ID Required

The "Licensing Act For The Sale of Alcohol" recognises physical cards bearing the PASS hologram and logo as acceptable proof of age. Changes to the law are expected by 2024 which will add Digital PASS to this act. Once amended, Luciditi Age Proof will automatically become acceptable when purchasing alcohol. Until then, it can be used to prove age when accessing to licensed premises (as well as everything listed above and more) just not for the purchase of alcohol.

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New things are unlocked at 16. Quickly prove your age with an Age Proof Digital Card

energy drink

Buying Energy Drinks


Piercing without Parental Consent


Buying PEGI 16 Video Games


Under 18 Events


Buying Analgesic Medication (e.g. Ibuprofen and Paracetamol)

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Buying Pets and Animals

petrol pump

Buying Petrol and Diesel


Going to the Cinema

Luciditi AgeProof + MyID Card, the Perfect Combo

We’ve teamed up with fellow printed card issuer, MyID Card in order to offer a dual physical + digital option at great price

Keep your Luciditi MyID card in your wallet so that you can show your age when buying alcohol or in case your phone runs out of charge

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Recognised and Supported by The Police, Security Industry Authority, Trading Standards, The Home Office and some Public Transport providers.

Luciditi Age Proof is an official Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS) digital card. PASS is the UK government's preferred Proof of Age credential, now available in digital form via the Luciditi mobile app.

Want to know more about PASS visit: PASS: The National Proof of Age Standards Scheme

Young Adult Phone Users

Why you need Luciditi Age Proof

  • Digital Proof of Age card approved by the UK's PASS scheme
  • Widely accepted digital card that proves your age in person
  • No need to carry passport or driving licence, use Age Proof instead (see alcohol purchase restrictions above)
  • Easy and free recovery of digital card if you lose your phone
  • 16+ cards automatically upgrade to 18+ card on 18th birthday, remaining valid until expiry
  • More secure than a physical card, can be digitally verified in real-time by any smartphone
  • Securely share identity and other sensitive information with Luciditi users and organisations
  • Track interactions in the activity section of your Luciditi app
  • Can be used offline when there is no internet or data access
  • Based on Luciditi so you get a Reusable Digital ID allowing to prove your identity as well as age online

Start proving your age today in 4 simple steps!

  • Choose your
    Age Proof & Pay
  • Install
    Luciditi App
  • Verify Identity
    using Passport
  • Activate your
    Age Proof
    Digital Card
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    No need to carry Passport or Driving Licence, just use your phone.

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    More secure than physical card. Provides instant, real-time digital verification to prevent fraud.

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    Happy Birthday! 16+ cards automatically upgrade to 18+ card - at no extra cost!

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    Easy and free recovery of digital card if you lose your phone.

Choose your Age Proof



1 Year
Digital Age Proof Card
  • Provide Over 16 / Under 18 Proof
  • Buying Energy Drinks
  • Buying PEGI 16 rated Video Games
  • Buying Petrol & Diesel
  • Buying Pets and Animals
  • Going to Cinema
  • Piercing without Parental Consent
  • Public Transport where age restricted discounts apply
  • Buying Analgesic Medication (e.g. Ibuprofen and Paracetamol)
  • Consuming alcohol in restaurant (accompanied by an adult)
  • Other age restricted purchases

Automatically upgrades to a 18+ card and remains valid until expiry



3 Years
Digital + Physical Age Proof Card
  • Purchase Alcohol using Luciditi x MyID physical card
  • Provide 18+ Proof across all settings
  • Visiting Pubs, Bars, Nightclubs
  • Purchasing Cigarettes & Tobacco
  • Purchasing Vapes
  • Getting a Tattoo
  • Visiting a Casino
  • Buying Fireworks
  • Playing the Lottery
  • Buying Scratch cards
  • Other age restricted purchases

Includes a Luciditi x MyID physical card for alcohol purchase



3 Years
Digital Age Proof Card
  • Provide 18+ Proof
  • Visiting Pubs, Bars, Nightclubs
  • Getting a Tattoo
  • Purchasing Cigarettes & Tobacco
  • Purchasing Vapes
  • Purchasing E-Cigarettes & Nicotine Refills
  • Visiting a Casino
  • Buying Fireworks and Sparklers
  • Playing the Lottery
  • Buying scratch cards
  • Buying Knives and Razor blades
  • Other age restricted purchases

Purchasing alcohol (currently) requires use of a physical ID card

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  • payment-1
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  • payment-1

Minimum Requirements

  • Must be a permanent UK resident, 16 years or older
  • Must appear on the electoral roll as an adult and/or have a bank account or credit card
  • Must have access to a valid Passport with matching details (including name and gender)
  • Must be able to complete a Digital Application Process without assitance
  • No proxy applications by referee or parents allowed
  • Apple iOS (8 or above) or Android (8 Oreo or above) smartphone with working front and rear cameras

Please Note

  • Scans of physical forms of ID are not accepted - Luciditi ID verification is fully digital, there are no exceptions
  • Foreign nationals must permanently reside at a UK address
  • It may not be possible for some younger or foreign applicants to be digitally verified. See further details here
  • If your name, age and UK address cannot be verified OR you later cancel your order; you will be charged a non-refundable verification fee for each check (indicated prior to ordering)
  • All enquiries via the Contact Us form. We do not operate a telephone based customer service line